About Us

Founded by two 19 year old kids from Portales, New Mexico, Be Known brings you the latest music from artists that you may know already. We also bring you music from artists who we think should be known, and artists on the rise from the underground music scene to the mainstream music scene. Let other music lovers and artists know about the next music site on the rise, Be Known.

Cristian Pacheco, one half of our founders, is an artist who has came a long way since he started making music. He goes by the stage name 10 mp and has worked with many known artists and producers such as Uncle Dave, YOG$, Jody Duff, Uno Hype, Eli Saf, BrandUn Deshay, Fresh Moss, and has a close relationship with LVLYSL’s founders Neako. Cristian also is a producer and makes his own artworks. His vision with Be Known was to help artists get their music out and realize their dreams, just as he is trying to do.

Alberto Solis, the other founder of Be Known, is a music addict. Alberto does not create the beautiful noise we call music, but has a great ear at finding new artists who have solid potential at making it “big”. He also creates artworks for tracks and is willing to work with any artist who needs an artwork done. Just like Cristian, he also wants to help artists get their music out and heard, get their music to Be Known in the underground, or mainstream scenes.

You can follow both of our founders on Twitter.