Submitting your content to the site is no longer free. In order to get your music on the site and have it shared on the internet and to our Twitter followers, you only have to make a low payment of $3 to our PayPal. This helps us improve the site, keep it running, and helps us to keep sharing the content you submit to our site. Below you will find the instructions on how to submit your music to us. We appreciate the support and love that we have been receiving from you, the artists, who submit their content to us daily. Keep supporting and don’t forget to Be Known!

Instructions for submitting follow as

  • Track, Mixtape, EP, Video Title
  • Artist Name
  • Producer Name
  • Where You Are From
  • Link To Your Content (SoundCloud, Audiomack are preferred)
  • Short Bio Of Your Content
  • Links To Your Twitter & Any Other Social Media Links
  • Artwork

If you have paid the $3 to have your content on the site, email us with the above instructions and the verification number of the payment, and label the subject as “Paid Submission” that way we know to get to your content immediately.

Here at BeKnown we also offer the premiere of a track or video for only $5. We will give you a nice write up about your content, and share it to our followers. Once again, send us an email with the verification number of the payment and label the subject as “Paid Submission”

Need an artwork for your album, mixtape, EP, or single? Hit us up for artworks done by us here at BeKnown for the low price of $5.

We hope to hear from you soon.


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