Album: Live Real Die Cool By Higher Balance Music

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Debut album from hip hop collective Higher Balance Music. Beeisthefuture x Rummie Abiff presents captivating lyrics + flows that mesh well over the album’s eclectic production. Two artist sharing their truth and displaying a awesome chemistry that is always interesting to listen to. The idea for the album came when the duo were merely teenagers, with a idea to release a project based on their lifestyle and beliefs while merely venting on wax. The album started in 2012 and has been worked on by Beeisthefuture, Tony Ozier, FreeHand, Rummie Abiff, Beulah Productions, DeeDay, and more. LRDC made its way from the south to the west coast all in hopes to create a meaningful and impactful album. Higher Balance Music proudly presents to you…LIVE REAL DIE COOL.