Album Premiere: Life And Times of A Trippy Hippy By Nick Bliss

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New Mexico’s very own, Nick Bliss, releases his project titled Life And Times of A Trippy Hippy. Coming in at 10 tracks, the OTW artist brings a different type of style of HipHop to the table with this project. The artist’s lyrical ability is heard with every song, and the production was also on point. In my opinion, any mixtape, EP or album should have some solid production behind it and this album lived up to that. A few standouts off LTOTH are “Carousel”, “I Could Never Pull A White Girl”, and “Ignorance Is Bliss”. My favorites off the album are “Cloud Surfin'” (the beat is great on this one) and “Nick Will You Please Relax?”. Nick Bliss doesn’t shy from telling the world his view points on subjects and showing the world who he really is. Bliss has a style that reminds me of Tech Nine but with a slower paced sound heard in the production and in his flow. The artist also has a sound that is similar to the late Pro Era artist, Capital Steez. Life And Times of A Trippy Hippy is a package of trippy intriguing sounds and rhymes that can be played from start to finish. Bump the project below and be sure to give the artist a follow on all his social media accounts.

Official Website:
Instagram: shocktheworldproductions