EP: Passionate By NayStar

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The up and coming singer/songwriter from the ATL, NayStar, finds her way back on the site with the release of her Passionate EP. The EP begins with the previously released “Come On” which also has some visuals to match the audio, and rolls into the rest of the project which is full of relateable songs. This was something that NayStar wanted to capitalize on with this EP, saying “It was written in hopes that someone out there can relate. It’s songs for men and women. About love, sadness, run, protecting your spirit. Everything. I like to think I can relate to many people because I don’t only view things from one side. I’ve always paid attention to the needs, emotions and desires of others and put myself in their shoes, which made me more understanding as a woman and artist.” The EP does just that as it tallies in a total of 8 tracks, so be sure to support and bump NayStar’s Passionate EP below.