Mixtape: Boston’s Top 25 HipHop Songs Of 2014

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Boston Hip Hop doesn’t have a sound..yet. Boston Hip Hop doesn’t have a face..yet. Boston Hip Hop isn’t on..yet. But it’s getting there and 2014 was proof in the pudding. The future of hip hop in Boston and surrounding areas looks very bright. From street anthems to “feel good” singles, to radio hits, to love songs, to party/club bangers, to Boston had it’s shining moments with it all this year. It’s going to be interesting to see where things go from here but the only direction is up. 
I like this approach that Boston is doing with their Hip-Hop scene, you can stream the top 25 songs of 2014 below, by the way, our homie Justice should have made the list. Shoutout to Nathan Johnson for creating the tape. Be Known.