Mixtape: Breakdowns Over Breakups By Ola

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Breakdowns Over Breakups is a very dope R&B project, that still has that “Hip/Hop” sound to it. I really like the production on the tape, very solid and wise choices from Ola the artist from the ATL. Coming in at 10 tracks, this mixtape should not be overlooked. I’m impressed with the whole vibe to the project, and the theme that comes with it. Press play and download Breakdowns Over Breakups, I know we will be bumping this. Be Known. By the way, “Breakup” and “Cleopatra” are bangers.

“The theme of this project is basically talking about the trials and tribulations that come with being in a relationship. When we identify that significant other that we say we want to spend the rest of our life with, that person becomes someone you always want to be with, regardless of any problems that may arise because ultimately it’s better to be with that person than alone.” – Ola