Top 5 Projects Of 2014

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Whats good everybody? First and formost I would like to thank everyone who supports us and the movement! We greatly appreciate it! Now, I know this may be a little to late, but I decided to do my own post of the top 5 projects of 2014.  So here it is 1-5

1. Cilvia Demo By Isiah Rashad: This was a very very hard decision to make between Rashad and J. Cole on who would take the top spot, but in the end I had to go with Cilvia Demo. Isiah’s lyrical ability is like no other, his flow complements the beats on the project very well. Isiah’s story teling is also on point through the whole project, makes me wonder why not a lot of people knew about him before he signed to TDE, he might also be the best MC on that TDE roster as well.


2. 2014 Forest Hills Drive By J. Cole: Okay, so I know a lot of you will disagree with me with my number one project of the year, but giving Cole the number 2 spot doesn’t take anything away from him. I was left speechless with Forest Hill Drive, but the main reason Cole is number two on the list is because we hae seen him do this before with previous mixtapes or albums. Every project he has dropped has been spectacular, this one being the best out of all of them. Just like Isiah, Coles story telling and flow compliments the instrumentals so well, and at the end of the day, stultifies Cole being better then King Kendrick.


3. RO Ransome Is The Future By Ro Ransom: Fire, some more fire, add some more gas, and the outcome is more fire. That is how I feel about his project, and I’m sure does Ro. He absolutely overkills the dark instrumentals form Rob Gots Beats & JayEx. With no features, he does it from the start to finish of each track. RRITF was definetly worth the wait and a project you should not sleep on.


4. Days Before Rodeo By Travi$ Scott: I don’t know about you guys, but this project was everything we expected it to be. From the dark production to the way Travi$ alters his voice in the tracks, Days Before Rodeo was simply put “dope.” Although I wish there was a Kanye feature, the project gets the 4th spot in my list.


5. Body High By Lucki Eck$: Chicago’s Lucki Eck$ gets my final spot with the release of his sophomore mixtape Body High. With only one feature from his 197 brother Ran$ah, which he killed by the way, Lucki gives us more insight on his life and mind just as he did with his debut Alternative Trap. In my opinion, the slow dark beats really bring the project to life which compliments Lucki’s rapping style.

Lucki Eck$-Body High

There you have it, my top 5 project of 2014. Be sure to leave some feedback and let us know your top projects of the past year. Be Known.