Track: Home By Pacheco ft. Phana*C & Jimmy Duarte

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Today, Pacheco releases a new single track “Home” ft. Phana*C and Jimmy Duarte, Pacheco’s Uncle, the track has quite a background story behind its creation a year ago, right before Pacheco opened a new chapter in his life by attending Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Pheonix, AZ. The track is very heartfelt, Pacheco explains, ” This song means alot to me. I found myself with music, with love, and with life” as well as Phana*C and Jimmy Duarte having strong ties to the song as well. You can feel the passion, the realness, the mood of peace being found. Only a few months back from school and Pacheco is already dropping bomb after bomb. Be on the lookout for his upcoming album with Phana*C “Past Meets Present” and also Pacheco’s First mixtape “Better Late Than Never”. Enjoy.