Track: Watch It! & West Coast-ISH By CHRS Brise

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Boston artist, originally from Ohio, CHRS Brise comes through with two new tracks as he released “Watch It!” & “West Coast-ISH.” The first track of the two “Watch It!” is produced by Donovan Beats, Brise says that the song shows “that I am the future.” As you can tell the artist is very confident and has reason to be as well. The second of the two, “West Coast-ISH” has the similiar vibes to the 90’s West Coast music. This track is a banger, produced by B. Jones, beat and all sounds 90ish, and I can hear the track playing in clubs. Both tracks are very dope, something you should play and hit the like button on SoundCloud. You can stream and download both track below, show some love and support. Be Known.


West Coast-Ish