Video: One Man Can Change The World By Big Sean

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Big Sean has just releast new video to “One Man Can Change The World” Prod. By Andrew Hines and Jeff Powers . This track is apart of Big Sean’s newest Album “Dark Sky Paradise” now available on I-Tunes. This track/video is both inspirational and very deep, with the passing of his grandma Sean shows the love he had for her and the role she played In being an inspiration and a symbol of unconditional love twards Sean as well as showing great strength as a, young African American women in the army, then coming back to the states to start a new life. Big Sean said He has “Never had a song like this be a single, its different then what’s on the radio, but I feel its needed” saying “honestly I’m proud to have a song so heartfelt and real to me, be one of my singles”. Both the track and video is a 10 of 10 do not wait a second more. Enjoy.