What Is Music?

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What is music to me? Well, first of all, music is more then just a beat or a catchy hook. Music to me, is where I can re-leave some stress, its where I feel at peace. I’m 19 years old and I have been through a lot of shit in my life but everybody has, right? Through everything that I have been through, my parents separating, having to leave the home I grew up in for 16 years of my life, my grandma passing away, seeing my dad have a heart attack right in front of me, almost dieing twice, music has always been there for me. If it wasn’t for music I really don’t know where I would be, and that’s the honest truth. I started my music journey as an artist about a year ago when started to mess around with beats on FL Studio. I later started writing and recording on some beats that I made. I quickly found what I wanted to do with my life. But lets back track right quick, I was always into music even before I downloaded FL Studio. Everyday after school I would go home and search for new artists and I quickly found so many dope underground artists that are just now being recognized for their work. You have to be a fan of music first, I then evolved into the artist I am now. Since I first began my music career, I have seen many improvements within my music. I have also met many cool people who also helped me to get where I am. I thank them for helping me get better everyday. Music is such a beautiful creation that it should be shared through every way possible. That is why I started Be Known to help other artists get out their music, because believe me, I know what it feels like when your music isn’t getting out there as much as you want it to. One person I really look up to is my big bro Neako, he is an artist from New Jersey who has his own label, LVLYSL Inc. He has given me a lot of advice about this industry and about my music, and has helped me financially wise in order to work with him. I see him as the older Jay-Z and I’m the younger Kanye. I hope to continue to work with him and work with many other artists as I keep growing my brand as an artist. So what is music to me? Music is where I can express myself, its where I can forget about a bad day in a matter of minutes, its where I can just be me, its where I can be at peace with the world. So, what is music to you?